Broadcast Unsafe:

An Audio/Video Art Installation Series proposed for (e)merge 2012 by Adrian Loving

Projection detail   

Projection detail


About the Project: Inspiration

These works explore the transition between the analog audio/visual material culture of the 1970s and 1980s and the modern digital world of today. Most media that appeared on tapes, vinyl records, reel-to-reels, boom boxes, VHS-beta players and cathode ray television sets had a distinctive texture, feel and "static" in their projection of sound, color, tone and image. This particular static or "interference" is what I am most interested in presenting as a "beautiful accident" and a creative tone for the work.  It is the "syntax" of error between what is considered "broadcast-safe,"that has its own beauty and importance. The video mixing process is used as a creative technique which involves using layering, transparency, movement and composition for a more dynamic impression.

Much of the work is inspired by classic art and science fiction films that I grew up with as a young person in the '70s and '80s, such as Blade Runner, Logan's Run, Star Trek, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Videodrome and Poltergeist. Each film contains inspiring moments in which humanity and the flesh are intruded upon by digital processes, including scanning, beaming and electronic interrogation. The idea of "transference" of analog information into digital data storage is where this series of works strives to explore and exploit creatively. Further inspiration comes from such prominent color school painters such as Morris Louis, Alma Thomas and Gene Davis.

As a DJ and music composer, I am very interested in using sound technology and the digital editing process of looping, sampling and effects to bend and shape the sound bytes found on analog synthesizers, classic vinyl records, and found sounds from machines to create complimentary soundscapes. Audio/Video placement weighs heavily on the overall impression received by the viewer. The goal is to create an immersive environment where one can feel low-frequency bass levels, mixed with middle and high tones, thus creating unique colors and arrangements, in an all encompassing sound and visual environment.

About the Project: Installation

The ideal presentation of the works is to create an immersive installation space in the Skyline Hotel Lower Parking Garage whereby sound and video projections can be set up. The Ideal space is a 10Ft tall x 20ft wide wall space x 15 ft long floor space to house the installation. Depending on space available, there can be a one screen or two screen projection scenario.

The total work is comprised of 1-2 video projections and analog televisions that present  (five) 3-5 minute original compositions of video art and electronic soundscapes. These pieces were made in 2011-2012 using video cameras, editing software and analog keyboards. (noise levels will be present but nominal)

Projections are presented as a tryptic
Color Installation #1, Video Art Installation Work 2012, running time 5:00
Color Installation #2, Video Art Installation Work 2012, running time 5:00
Color Installation #3, Video Art Installation Work 2012, running time 5:03

Small TV Screens
Eye Lazer Scanner, Video Art Installation Work 2011, running time 2:58
The Meeting, Video Art Installation Work 2011, running time 3:42